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MAYMUSE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a high-technology green industrial group that established in 1987. We are specialized in the design, R&D, manufacturing and sales of the household water purification facilities, residential and commercial water treatment. Based on more than twenty years’ experience on marketing and production, Maymuse avoid dull appearance and cumbersome installation of traditional water filters and has designed a number of practical and beautiful products, such as RO Purifier Water System, DIY Ultra-filtration Water System, Whole House Water Filter System, Water Softener System, Pre-filtration Water Products, Water Vending Machine, Commercial Direct Drinking System, etc.

Besides, due to our rich experience on R&D, we could also design 100% satisfaction water system according to customers’ requirements.

All products are designed and manufactured with this concept in Maymuse: responsibility in mind, quality in hand.

Healthy Life From Maymuse 100% Satisfaction Water System
Water Education & Your Health
For Commercial Use
For Domestic Use
Filters & Parts
Membrane Maintenance: How much water is used to flush and clean the membrane?
Mineral Content: Is it beneficial to have minerals in drinking water?
Water Chemistry: Does the reverse osmosis process affect water pH?
Reverse Osmosis water vending machines
Commercial Cool / Hot Water Dispensers
Commercial Reverse Osmosis(RO) Host
Mini/Magic Water Filter
Whole House Water Filter
Whole House Water Softener
RO Water Purifier
Pre-filtration water product
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