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Frequently Asked Questions-Reverse Osmosis Systems

Membrane Maintenance: How much water is used to flush and clean the membrane?

Our reverse osmosis systems use premium TFC DOW Filmtec membranes which offer long lasting performance and reliability. These membranes use a process known as “crossflow” which allows the cartridge to continually clean itself during water filtration. It is this innovative feature that allows our membranes to routinely last from 4-7 years between replacements while still providing 90-99% rejection ratings to deliver exceptional value and performance. The water used to wash and treat the membrane is known as brine water and is normally directed towards the drain. However many RO owners do reuse this water in their gardens, swimming pools, aquariums and for many other general household purposes. The brine to product water ratio will vary depending on water conditions and the type of system, but normally falls between a 3:1 (undercounter) to 2:1 (countertop) ratio for open tank situations. For a small household, that is the equivalent of an extra 2-4 toilet flushes a day of wasted water.


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Membrane Maintenance: How much water is used to flush and clean the membrane?
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